Koulun hyvinvointiprofiili

A service that helps you measure and track the well-being of your school, and compare it with other similar schools in your area.

Why use Koulun hyvinvointiprofiili?


Compare your results

How can we know how well we are doing? One feasible approach is to examine which questions get the highest and which get the lowest evaluations. You can get a wider picture of your situation by making comparisons within your school and between your school and other schools.


Easy and affordable

Think about how much time it would take for you to develop scientifically sound questions, design the questionnaires, collect the answers, enter them in a computer, analyse the results and make graphical presentations. With Koulun hyvinvointiprofiili everything is done in a few steps


Real science

The questionnaires are based on the School Well-being Model, first published in Health Promotion International 2002 (Konu and Rimpelä Vol. 17, page 83). It combines sociological, educational and health science theory.

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How can I start using the service?

Interested in using the service? Leave your school information below and we'll create you a user account. Having a user account and testing the service is free. Nothing will be charged until the service is in real use.

In many cases the use of the service is provided by the city of municipality. For individual schools not covered with a separate contract a small subscription fee is collected annually. This ensures continuous development, customer service and upkeep of the system. Read more about our pricing here.

To join an existing school as an administrator, please contact the current administrators and ask them to invite you through the service.